Guidelines for Report Submission :

  • Activity report must be submitted in the format provided on the website and/or placed in the brochure.
  • Report can be submitted by two means only, either online or by post.
  • Report of current month should be submitted not later than 5th day of next month.
  • Report must be supplemented with photographs of the programme. Reports without photographs will not be considered as proper reports.
  • Submitted report of the month are editable only till the 5th day of next month, afterwards no changes are permissible.
  • Mere participation of a club member in any workshop, programme etc. will not be considered as a part of report.
  • VIPNET logo with club ID must be used in each activity.
  • VIPNET logo and club ID must be clearly visible in the photographs of the programmes, events and workshops conducted by the club.
  • At the end of each calendar year all the reports send by a particular club will be reviewed based on their format, relevance of content, social impact, collaborative efforts etc.

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