Start A Club

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Any youth / adult with a group of children can discuss the formation of a science club with friends and people in the area he / she resides in.
  2. At least 10 members should join together to form a club.
  3. The proposed name of the club has to be provided in the VIPNET membership form. Affiliation would be conferred after completion of necessary procedures.
  4. Only one club will be allowed to get registered on one address & coordinator name.
  5. The age of coordinator must be 21 years or above.
Guidelines for each registered clubs:
  • VIPNET logo with club ID must be used in each activity.
  • Report of current month should be submitted not later than 5th day of next month.
  • VIPNET logo and club ID must be clearly visible in the photographs of the programmes, events and workshops conducted by the club.
  • Activity report must be submitted in the format provided on the website and/or placed in the brochure.
  • Report can be submitted through post, online or by hand. Report must be supplemented with photographs of the programme. Reports without photographs will not be considered as proper reports.
  • Mere participation of a club member in any workshop, programme etc. will not be considered as a part of report.
  • At the end of each calendar year all the reports send by a particular club will be reviewed based on their format, relevance of content, social impact, collaborative efforts etc.
  • The review will be done by the eminent personalities from different organizations working in the field of science communication and marks will be given to the club. Based on the marks given category of a club will be decided. Decision of reviewer will be final.
  • I-cards provided will be valid for one year only.
  • Vigyan Prasar reserves the right to change, update or cancel the facility provided to the clubs as demanded by circumstances.
  • For any queries related to VIPNET you can contact

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